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Just wanted to thank you guys for my order of Hawaian Gold Buds. I have tried several products, none come close to the buds and the Honey Blonde solid concentrate, and the free samples were nice too ! I ordered on a Saturday and received my order on Weds. Good service, good product !  I will be back for more. Next order will be the quarter pound Hawaiian Buds

Keep up the good work!
Gregory S.
Union City, NJ

Hey guys-

Legal Buds.comJust wanted to write a short thank you on the quick service I received on my Herbal Sampler Pack.  The freebies are a great little addition too.  This was the first purchase from you guys and I'll be sure to get my friends to order from you too.  So far I've tried the Dutch Green Bud. I received the package in about 4 days from ordering and everything was intact, packed very well.  the Dutch Green Bud is the bomb, in a scale of 1-10, i give it a 9.5... Thank you for such great legal options!

Thanks again-

I received my shipment of Hawaiian Haze Buds Dutch Green Bud and Bluedream Kush combo today and I am truly impressed with every one of them.  They are all different but great in their own way.  I think Hybrid buds were the strongest, but the other 2 were also so much better than I had expected, I am not sure which one I like best....

Arrived in just days.  I loved your product.

Thank you, again!
Mark L
Santa Barbara, CA

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent product, quick shipping and very satisfying buds.



Hi,legal herbal bud
Your Package arrived today, i got to admit the speed of the delivery was suprising, at most a week to the WelshValleys (UK). in the parcel was contained a free sample of your wild greens, very nice, well trimmed imprissive first impression. then moved onto the Hawian, which i ordered because of the comments on the feedback section of your website. Again well impressive, i was still a bit apprehensive, but that quickly disapeared when i tested it, the presentation was excellent and consistant, concidering i bought 1lb thats very good. your products are of the highest standard and you are with out doubt a reliable and reputable company.

i would just also like to comment on your companys service, your company is a true champion of customer service, your helpfull staff (Bob) made every attempt to make me a happy customer and my purchase and delivery as easy and quick as possible, Thank you.

I am more than happy to recommend your service to all my friends and anyone who will listen. There is only two reputable sites offering this kind of service, but only one with the quality, service and experience, there is only one Legal, there is no substitue. I am a customer for life. Thank you All at Legal

One happy Welsh man.



wild greensJust wanted to say I received my Wild Greens in the mail.  All I can say is Unbelievable!  What a calming and relaxing experience. I plan on trying many different varieties in the near future.  It was definitly worth the money.  My hats off to you.

- Anonymous

Hey Legal,Hawaiian Haze - legal bud
Just wanted to add an e-mail to your testimonials. I smoked an illegal herb for 30 years and had to quit because of a job. I know that your products are not "alternatives" but they do give one something to smoke. I have to say that I have been ordering Hawaiian Haze Buds for 4 years now and during that time I have tried numerous other products. This is a great herbal smoke...all natural, no blend of herbs stuck together...not to knock any of your other smokes, but I highly recommend Hawaiian Haze buds to ANYONE looking for a friendly smoke that won't disappoint you! Your customer service is A+!

This is a company that can be trusted.
BN from SC

Legal Buds.comThank you so much. We just received our first order, we are way more than satisfied. I don't know how you did it, but congratulations!!! We will of course be ordering more of the many fine products you have to offer, in the very near future.

A, very, very satisfied customer.



Dutch Green Legal Buds.comHi. i just wanted to say that i just got my order in today. i have to admit, I cannot believe how fast it arrived. I ordered the Dutch Green Bud and the Hawaiian Haze buds supersize pack and boy are they good =). I cannot believe this bud is legal! Right as i came home from work i saw the package from fedex quickly ripped open the box, opened my buds right away and fired it up. The hawaiian buds were really smooth, tasted very "familiar" and the smoke was very potent. Right after i finished with the j***t of that, i rolled another one with Dutch Green Bud and fired it up and man was that stuff good too, nice and sweet like candy. These products really are "HIGH QUALITY" as you say. Anyway's just want to say thanx and i'll be coming back for more.

Juan, San Diego, CA


legal buds


solid herbal smokeI received my order in 2 days, and from the East Coast to the West Coast in 2 days. Thank you, Legal ROCKS. I love the Black Magic Solid, and the Inner Vision ROCKS!!!! I have not had a chance to try the Jamaican Gold Bud, but if it is anything like your Maui Hybrid Buds, I'm in for another treat. And I can't believe the freshness of the Buds, the sweet smell, and potency of the smoke. I am totally stoked to find such a great legal smoke!

Thank you Legal,
you have a customer for life.
Vic, Phoenix, AZ


dutch hydroponic budSmall hello from France,
I board received my package this morning ( 7 days for France ) of Dutch Green Buds, I am very satisfied with this order, it is very fresh and this smokes very well, was extremely satisfying, with a pleasant odor, you have from now on a new customer for all the life. With products like this, why would anyone smoke anything else?

best regards ,
Didier from France

legal bud Just wanted to drop a line and give kudos to Legal I ordered Hawaiian Hybrid and Honey Blonde last thursday, and low and behold on monday, my order was in!! With a nice little bag of Wild Greens!  Thanks for the bonus! Outstanding shipping!!!  I was quite skeptical trying these
products, but boy was I surprised.  I have only tried the Hawaiian Haze buds, and just came in two minutes ago from outside and boy, I likey likey!!  They taste really good, and I already know why you have so many repeat customers =) I am looking forward to trying the greens and honey blonde.  I was really anxious to try these products and I am really glad I did.  Great job guys and you have a customer for life!! 

It is just like old times! 
Jake, Orlando, FL



legal herbal buds

Dear Staff,

You can post this on your website if you'd like.
Just wanted to say thanks.  Your staff was very helpful in helping me select which legal buds were for me, and the quality of the products speak for themselves  I cannot believe I can buy these products legally. I am very impressed with the quality and potency of the smoke. The Hawaiian Haze buds Dutch Green Bud combo pack I purchased not only arrived superfast, but were without a doubt I highly enjoyed it! I cannot believe how great they were... They complimented each other very nicely, and also mixed well with my honey blonde herbal solid concentrate.  Between the 3, I am not sure which was the best, since i liked them all so much!  Please bill my cc and ship me another combo of Dutch Green Bud and hydro, and also add in a grinder for me.  This stuff is incredible! PS so far I have referred 6 of my friends to your website! thanks!

Washington, DC


herbal smoke legal budsI am a first time satisfied customer. I am a Southern Country boy , and I will say my order of Hawaiian Buds and Black Magic  are awesome and really even stronger than I had hoped. I cannot believe this stuff is legal. Largest 1/2 ounce I have ever seen. You guys really take care of your customers. I had questions before my purchase, and your staff was very helpful.  Price is very reasonable, for the amount received, and the products are both AMAZING.  This is better than I even expected.  You guys rock! Shipment was very prompt as promised 4 days to my home, , ,
Just wanted to let you know you have another happy customer. And Thank You for the freebies.

B'ham Alabama


Dutch Green hydroponicYou can add my happy testimonial to those you already have.

I am very pleased I had to give up my 30 yr. old smoking habit because of my job and so I tried your Dutch Green Buds very nice! my cat approves also he tried to help me open the package so according to him there must be something good in there. Thanks very much for offering this product. I'll be back for more next week! I am surprised at how much I enjoyed smoking this legal herbal bud! When I first saw the bud, I thought it was the real thing. Than I smoked it, and I was extremely satisfied to say the least. . A happy repeat customer since last year!

Paris, France

Hawaiian HazeWOW!!!!!!!!!
I just received my combo pack with the Hawaiian Haze Bud Dutch Green Bud, and  Bluedream Kush, and I wanted to tell you that I am very pleased!!!!!!  A very nice product, and I feel GREAT!  I would also like to thank you for the freebies that you included in my package. And say that your products are the best legal herbal buds and smoke I have ever tried... and I have tried A LOT through the years.  That was very nice, thank you.

Very Sincere and Appreciative,
Fallon, NV

Dutch Green hydroponici just got my order today and wanted to say it's some good stuff. i purchased... Maui Hybrid Buds, Hawaiian Haze, and Dutch Green Bud. When I first saw the products I was already super excited to smoke em! They smelled so great I already was impressed. After I lit a bowl of hawaiian I was so impressed with the smoke that I called my 3 best friends and they all placed orders. i just wanted to say thanks and you guys got a regular customer for life. later.

James, LA

Hawaiian Haze herbal smokeI received my order as of yesterday. Since you said the check was cleared last end of week, and shipped out around that time. Shipping was really fast and only takes 2 days from East Coast to Montana, this service is great and Hawaiian Haze as well. This legal product is just great. I cannot believe there is a legal bud that actually impressed the hell out of me! Your products are the bomb diggity!

Michael, West Plains, NJ

Legal Hello, we just received our Hawaiian and Dutch Green Bud combo today. Very fast shipping! Of course we just had to try it right away. It is definitely very unique, but we loved it.. We highly recommend these products to anyone looking for a legal solution. We will be trying out the different buds you have in the future. I wish I found your website sooner, as I plan on being a life long repeat customer. Your legal herbs kick ass!

PS. Thanks for the free sample of the wild greens! We haven't tried them out yet but are looking forward to yet another unique smoking experience.

Keep up the good work! A+

legal herbal budsThrough sheer boredom of smoking the usual I came to your site, albeit skeptical, but hopeful. Finally I have found a product I love. Your Jamaican Gold Bud is amazing. I tried your Jamaican Gold Bud and it's just plain amazing, and legal too. I am amazed at the quality of your product, and the professionalism of your service. After wasting my money at one of your competitors, I can see why you are the original Legal and you are not talking smack! Keep up the good work and great buds!

Thanks guys, please keep Jamaican Gold Bud around !

Dutch Green hydroponicDutch Green Bud is awesome. Jamaican Gold Bud is AWESOME. Hawaiian Haze is awesome. My favorite would be Jamaican Gold Bud, because it burns the smoothest in a pipe. Dutch Green Bud burns the smoothest rolled in a cigarette. Both of the products had such a potent smoke, I could not believe it!

Customer for Life!


Just wanted to write and say "thank you". I placed my order for the Hawaiian Haze and received it within 3 days. Really fast. Thanks for the free sample of wild greens. Your products are just what I have been looking for. I used to smoke OTHER STUFF years ago but have since been married and have children. I am absolutely amazed at how relaxing and pleasant the smoke is. You have gained a customer for life. I'll be in touch with you about your affiliate program as soon as I get my new website up and running.

Thank you so much. :)


Legal Buds.comBeing skeptical of a legal alternative smoke, I placed an order. It was here in 3 days. I first tried a small amount of the sample provided (Wild Greens) . After the first few puffs I chuckled to myself because I couldn't get over the familiar taste, smell, etc. I hadn't had in probably 5 years. I was amazed after smoking the herbs. I could not believe how incredible this stuff is! I also have the Dutch Green Bud that I'm waiting to test out. I can't get over the potency of the smoke, especially since it's legal!!! Customer for life now. Good work guys.



Hello, thank you so much for your help. my herbs were received today.  they are very very, very good and much stronger than I expected.   thanks for the freebie also.  Not only are they legal, they are super high quality, and the buds look so much better than what I am used to smoking.
thanks allot, I'm placing another order right now.

ps.  customer for life.

Legal Buds.comLegal, Please feel free to use this e-mail on your satisfied customer's

I placed an order 2 day's ago with you guy's and the shipment was here today and only took 2 day's to get here!!! SUPER fast shipping but the shipping is NOTHING compared to the product itself i ordered the Arabian Brown Solid Concentrate It is the real deal!! Holy S**T is all I can say. Your products are the best out there!!! I'm very satisfied i love your product's!! I also got a free wild greens sample which is awesome also and it was free!!! i will be placing more order's soon!!! I see why so many people try to copy your company! is #1 for a reason

Thank you alot!!!
San Francisco, CA


legal herbal budsI have shopped with you before and was happy with the Bluedream Kush and the speed of the delivery. About a week after my first order, I wanted to place a 2nd... I couldn't find your website on my favorites, so I searched for it and finally found what I thought was your website again. I Must admit, I thought I was shopping with you when I unknowingly placed an order with what I later found out was a "copy cat" website. I should have known from the look of the website and the similar name that it was not you, but it was late at night, after a long day's work, and I was unaware that so many companies are trying to copy your stuff. To make a long story short, the CRAP I received left me nothing but pissed off, and out of $40.00, which is what I made in an entire day's work. I am in college and can't believe the crap I received. I emailed the company and they were very rude. Needless to say, I made my SECOND purchase with you about 4 days ago, and today I was pleasantly surprised with your Hawaiian Buds, and Dutch Green Bud combo pack, both of which are absolutely incredible. I actually am not sure which is better, but all 3 of my friends who tried it ordered from you that day! I swear! Is there a way to get a referral commission? I am interested in promoting your products through your affiliate program, please send me details asap.

Sorry for the long email, A customer for LIFE,
Eric Sabatini


Legal, Just wanted to say "Thank you"
After a horrible week, and being out of my regular smokes for some time, I was delighted when my first order arrived from you. I placed my order over the holiday weekend, and it arrived within three business days! Great timing. When I first smelled the Hawaiian Haze Buds, I knew I was in for a treat! These products kick ass is all I can say. You guys really mean it when you say high quality! I bought a combo and tried the Hawaiian Haze Buds and Dutch Green Bud and really enjoyed both. The free sample of Leonurus Sibiricus  such a nice surprise, and I also enjoyed it very much.  The Dutch Green Bud is my favorite, it seemed even stronger than the Hawaiian Haze Buds, which really took the edge off to say the least.  Talk about really taking the edge off. Good prices, fast shipping, superb product...isn't that called customer satisfaction?? Thanks again, feel free to use this email if you want on your website.

BB in VT

legal herbal budsWOW,
AFTER SHIPMENT.  I AM VERY PLEASED WITH THE PRODUCTS I PURCHASED.  I REALLY LIKE THE Dutch Green Bud Hybrid BUDS AND ESPECIALLY THE Black Magic Herbal Solid.  RIGHT AFTER TRYING THESE PRODUCTS, I SENT YOUR LINK TO A FRIEND. I cannot tell you how happy I am to find such a great legal product, and it is stronger than I expected! Whatever you guys are doing, keep it up! Your Buds are the best I have ever smoked, period.



Just a big thank you for your outstanding service.
Delivery from the US to the South of France in 5 days flat. That must be a new record. I ordered your product on the 6th and received it this morning the 11th Outstanding service, and an even better product.  This is almost to good to be true.  You have found another very satisfied customer.  I will be sending your link to all of my pals.  What a great product this Hawaiian Haze Bud is!

Thank you very much
Paris, France


Dear Staff,Legal

A few weeks ago my friend referred me to your website.  Needless to say I was very interested in your products and was not sure what to try out.  I went for the Dutch Green Bud and the Hawaiian Haze Buds Honey Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate Bar Combo Pack, and I am just letting you know how pleased I am!  I really like the Hawaiian Haze Buds! And the Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate-bar ..   I have already told atleast a dozen people about your great products! Keep up the good work. 

PS. I received my order in only 4 days.

Thank You again!
Boca Raton, FL


Here it is 3 days later and I ALREADY RECEIVED MY PACKAGE!

Wow, just letting you know that I couldn't be more pleased with your service, shipping, and most of all the Hawaiian Haze Buds and the Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate in the combo I ordered..  What a great legal smoke, the free samplers were enjoyed as well. 

Thanks again, just placed another order... 

Baltimore, MD

Legal Buds.comI received my order of Hawaiian bud in four days and i ordered on the weekend.  I also was able to see the credit card security first hand. The staff was knowledgeable and informed me of a problem right away.  They also were able to to fix the problem i had the same day and responded to my e-mail within the hour.  I wish that every business could have the same polite, knowledgeable staff and speedy delivery. 

The product was of a quality that i did not expect.

Thanx guys,



|Just writing to let you kno w that I am very impressed by your customer service, your website, and most of all your products.
  Not only do you have the nicest herbal website, the customer service I received was better than what I would expect at a hotel!  The herbs I ordered were great.  I really enjoyed the Wild Greens packs I received in my party pack.  Just letting you know that you have a new happy customer for life.  In my opinion, both of the products were better than I had expected to ever find in an herbal blend. 

Beverly Hills, CA


Legal Buds.comThank you so much for my Herbal Hybrid hawaiian buds... I cannot believe how green and fluffy these are!   My friend ordered the day after I told him about your website and he received it 3 days later.  All I can say is, you guys ROCK!

Queens, NY

red dawn red bliss
Thank you for my QUICK shipment!
I received my product in 4 days for only 5 bucks! Wow... The product is great, better than the service and the shipping speed :) I know your website said that Red Bliss was the customers favorite herbal pill supplement, but wow.  Both of my friends have ordered now as well after taking just one Red Bliss they both loved it. 

Myrtle Beach, SC



herbal bud legal budsI just received my Honey Blonde and Hybrid and wow, I am amazed at the quality!! I have tried other sites for smoke alternatives and been sadly disappointed,but not this time!! I am definitely going to be one of your loyal repeat customers from now on!! Thanks so much !!

London, UK



Legal Buds.comHey i just received my herbal sampler !
Wow it was so worth it. this is a great thing for anyone to try. I am very pleased with all 3 of them! These smokes are much better than I even expected. The order arrived just 3 days after I placed it! You guys rock, thanks Legal!

San Jose, Ca 



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